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STEMM Village

This year’s STEMM Village is set to be the most exciting yet, with a fantastic line-up of exhibitors and activities designed to educate, inspire and entertain.


Wed 26th:
All Day
Thu 27th:
All Day

IN COLLABORATION WITH the Youth STEMM Award, the STEMM Village is a journey of learning and discovery. Visitors can enjoy a dynamic and interactive experience, showcasing cutting edge technology and research from science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM) areas.

“The STEMM Village offers a unique blend of education and entertainment, making it a must visit for anyone interested in the future of science, technology and healthcare,” said Dr Samantha Fox, co-founder and director of the Youth STEMM Award.

“With topics ranging from clean energy to the science of ageing, there’s something to spark curiosity in everyone.”

This year’s theme of Sustainable Futures encourages all exhibitors to showcase how STEMM is helping to address global challenges.
“EastWind will bring together a great showcase of the offshore wind industry,” said Samantha. “I’m particularly excited about the virtual reality simulations, which will allow visitors to step into the shoes of a wind turbine engineer and see what it is like to be at the top of a wind turbine!”

New for this year, the Green Futures Marquee has been developed for the Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) in consultation with the Chambers of Commerce, county councils and other regional stakeholders. The marquee will offer hands-on activities featuring key sectors such as construction, agriculture and energy.

At the STEMM Village, young people will be able to find out about career pathways and training opportunities from experts and educators eager to share their knowledge and inspire the next generation.

There will be graphics and interactive displays featuring green careers information, as well as interactive tours of partners such as City College Norwich, Easton College and Paston College. The Big STEMM Tent will feature a wide range of individual contributors, including the pharmacy and environmental science schools at UEA, plus lots from NHS scientists and healthcare providers. There will also be a marquee focusing on engineering led by training provider SwarmREAGIT.

The Youth STEMM Award exhibit will be run by young people from City of Norwich School and Sir John Leman High School, while students from East Norfolk Sixth Form College will manage the UK Sustainable Schools Network stand.

“Encouraging young people to engage with STEMM is crucial for sustainable development,” said Samantha. “These fields equip the next generation with the innovative tools and critical thinking skills needed to tackle environmental challenges and develop sustainable solutions.”

“By fostering an interest in STEMM, we are preparing young minds to lead responsibly and inventively, ensuring a healthier planet for future generations.”

“I can’t wait to see the impact the STEMM Village has on the future scientists, innovators and technicians from our region!”

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