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Broads Village

Fun-filled nature activities at his year's Broads Village


Wed 28th:
All Day
Thu 29th:
All Day

This award-winning corner of the showground has lots of activities to inspire showgoers to discover, visit and care for the Broads National Park. Here you can paddle a canoe, shoot an arrow, moor up a boat, throw a safety line, admire spectacular sailing boats, make a broads inspired badge or discover aquatic mini-beasts. Kids can also collect stamps as they take part in activities in order to collect a Broads reward!

The Broads Village has become a regular favourite of families and school groups. In collaboration with the Broads Authority, the village reflects the importance of the Broads to Norfolk as a unique destination that delights and educates not only tourists but boaters, families, landowners and school children.

  • Get hands-on with pond dipping activities that help you learn all about the unique ecology of the Broads.
  • Make a badge featuring rare wildlife species found in the Broads.
  • Learn life-saving skills with the Broads Authority Ranger
  • Discover incredible artefacts as the pop-ip Museum of the Broads brings the heritage of the waterways alive.
  • Explore boatbuilding tools and techniques with the historic Hunter’s Fleet.
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